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5 Silly Essay Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Throughout college you will have to write essays and for you to get high grades you need to write a great essay. To help you out here are some of the essay writing mistakes that you should avoid:

Starting with clichés

The first sentence catches the attention of your readers or loses them. The introduction should be interesting in order to get the attention of your readers.

You can use any introduction, but not a cliché. If the opening sentence of your paper can be the opening sentence of any other paper you should get rid of the sentence.

One of the most effective ways of starting your paper is getting interesting facts or data about the topic that you are writing about.

Weak or no thesis statement

This is a common problem with freshmen—they write papers that have weak thesis statements. Others fail to include the thesis statement altogether.

Unless you are writing an annotated bibliography or summary, you should have a thesis statement in your work. The thesis statement is your argument and it determines the direction of the essay.

You should do plenty of research and come up with enough information to create a strong thesis. The thesis statement should state the opinion and be specific to the topic that you are discussing.

Overuse of quotes

Quotes are good to use in your essay as they show you took your time to do some research; however, you shouldn’t overuse them to avoid watering down the essay’s authority.

If you have to use a quote, use it in situations where the quote drives home a point better than your words.

Plagiarism and wrong citations

Plagiarism is where you use other people’s work without referring to them. To maintain credibility you should let the reader know when you use words or data that is not yours. To stay on the safe side you should cite any work that you paraphrase or quote.

When citing your work you should follow the instructions given by your professor. There are many citation styles that you can use including: APA, MLA, OXFORD, HARVARD and many others. You should research and find out how to cite correctly and you will be on your way to getting a good grade.

Using Lazy language

Even if you have a strong thesis, the paragraphs are flowing, and the paper is perfectly formatted according to the given instructions, you stand to earn a poor grade when your language is poor.

You should pay close attention to the adjectives and adverbs. The two should be rich and add value to your paper. To avoid sounding like you are repeating yourself you should avoid using them too often.


These are the essay writing mistakes that you should avoid in order to score a high grade. To sharpen your essay writing skills you need to research more and work closely with your professor.

February 11, 2016

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