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Assignment Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Assignment Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

In your time in college you must write assignments. For you to get a high grade you must write an assignment that is free of mistakes. If you like writing you can go ahead and write your assignment, but if writing is not your forte, you should consider hiring an assignment writing service provider. If you opt to write the assignment by yourself, here are the writing mistakes that you should avoid making:

Content mistakes

You are said to have made content mistakes when you use different information than you were asked by your professor. This mistake comes about when you misunderstand the concept of the assignment. Due to the misunderstanding, you use the wrong information and as a result you get a lower grade.

You are also said to have made content mistakes when you use irrelevant information. For example, when your professor asks you to discuss Shakespeare’s play and then go ahead and discuss other plays. When you do this you will have included irrelevant information.

To avoid making these mistakes you should take your time to read the topic of the assignment and understand it. If you can’t understand it ask your professor to shed some light on what is expected of you. You should also ensure that you stick to your topic when writing your assignment. When writing, always ask yourself whether the information that you are including adds value to your work. If it does not, do not include it.

Structure mistakes

For your assignment to be presentable and readable it should be properly structured. Many students make structure mistakes that include:

Leaving out some necessary parts: A good quality assignment should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Due to ignorance or lack of knowledge, some students leave out some parts of the assignment. Studies show that most students fail including the introduction and conclusion of their work.

When writing, remember that you should include all parts of the assignment for you to get a high grade. The introduction introduces the topic that you are discussing. As rule of thumb it should be clear and attention grabbing. The body is the meat of the assignment. It includes your discussion, examples, analysis and criticism. Finally the conclusion closes the assignment.

Having many ideas in one paragraph: This is a common mistake with students that have never handled assignments before. Having more than one idea in a paragraph gives your work an ugly look. To be on the safe side you should have only one idea in one paragraph. For that high grade ensure that the paragraphs synchronize with each other and catch the attention of the readers.

Disorganised ideas: While some students include many ideas in one paragraph, others have one idea in every paragraph, but the ideas are disorganised. For a high grade you should keep your ideas organised. For example, if you discussing a medical condition don’t discuss how to treat it before discussing what causes it.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid making when writing an assignment. If you don’t like writing, you shouldn’t stress yourself over the assignments. You should simply hire an assignment writing service in UK to help you out.


June 20, 2016

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