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About Us

Most essay providers in the UK look at essay writing services as a regular business activity. One that is easy to enter, can be done through a virtual organisation, and involves the generation of revenues by getting writers and students together.

They target vulnerable students, offer hundreds of subjects, promise guaranteed grades, pledge British born writers, assure work in time frames that range from 3 hours to 6 weeks (directly proportionate to your pocket of course!), and promise an easier academic life; so that you can meet your obligations without giving up on evenings at the pub, weekends in the country, and holidays in Greece.


At Bespoke Academic Research we look at academic research and student support from different perspectives.

  • We are not a virtual essay outsourcing agency with a rolling stock of transient writers.
  • We do not profess to handle all subjects. We work only with subjects where our academic knowledge and skills are nothing short of Brilliant.
  • We do not rush into orders or chase clients. We work steadily to meet just one important requisite; customer delight.

Once in a relationship, we partner with you and support you in your quest for academic excellence. Our relationship is long and fulfilling, and does not finish with delivery and payment.

Whilst we take over the overwhelming majority of the assignment work load, we ensure that you develop academically through the progression of the essay and are aware of every facet of its development and final shape.

We plan your present and future assignments, we discuss your requirements and those of your tutors, we detail the referencing, the information sources, the word count, the structure of your work and involve you in every area of your study assignment.

Take the plane to Athens or Seville this Friday, but now with the assurance of terrific academic results.

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